Shutter Box ending

Between 2010 and 2015, V-CASTING Ltd. has made several internally-developed products/prototypes, which until that time were not present on the market. This was the unique shutter box end product family with its supplementary elements.

Taking these products onto market is in continuous progress. Their self-developed prototypes became very successful, thus the series production has started. A significant amount of sales income came from the selling of these products. Within the framework of greenfield investment, the construction of a manufacturing plan took place, which is (based on the decision of the owners) is continuously developed with the reinvestment of the profit.

The company sells self-developed shading technology products (shutter box end) on the Hungarian market. There are only a few companies are involved in the production shutter box endings. The biggest advantage compared to other companies is that the whole process (design/production/powder-coating) is carried out without contractors, from own capacity.