About Us

A V-CASTING Öntödei Termelő és Szolgáltató Ltd. is a corporation owned by Hungarian private individuals. The commercial profile company was established in 2007 and the current owners took over the company in 2009 with the aim to produce aluminium products made with pressure casting technique, instead of selling goods produced by other corporations. These products are aluminium and Zamak elements and parts (e.g.: shutter boxes).

The currently made, so-called “Hungarian shutter box” is the own production of the owners. Within the framework of business activity, company develops and manufactures aluminium products in series, accordingly to the orders of Clients. Main activity of the company is “Casting of other non- ferrous metals”, including primarily the pressure casting of aluminium and Zamak. Connected to the main activity, the company also deals with surface treatment of castings, production and maintenance of manufacturing tools and colour powder coating and painting of products accordingly to customer request. Additional activities: CNC works, tapping and grooving with single-purpose machine, manual burnishing, deburring and drilling. Basically, company activity constitutes of the production and trading of own and customer-designed products.

V-CASTING Ltd. is and advantaged supplier of the following automotive companies: SMR Automotive Mirror Technology Hungary Ltd. (Audi, BMW, Opel parts) and VT Metál Ltd. (Volvo parts). For these clients, V-CASTING Ltd. is a primary supplier in metal casting, working and production of certain automobile parts (for e.g.: rear-view mirrors). The company is an advantaged supplier of the German ROMA KG company group, which operates in the field of shading technology. Annually, the company produces 700.000 pieces of shutter boxes and its constituents for the company group, which are self-developed products of ROMA KG. Since 2016, the company produces and transports worked pneumatic valve parts. Also, the company has become the supplier of FESTO AM Hungary in 2016.

The company operates on an industrial area located in Ecser, Pest county, construction works of the current site has started in 2012. After the authorisation process, production itself has started in 2013, with 3 casting machines on 1500 square metres. Since its first put into service, the plant is in continuous growth (currently there are 12 casting machines on 6.800 square metres of industrial area) and expectedly the construction works of another hall will end in 2018. Improving of the equipment, purchase of casting cells/ casting furnaces and robotisation are in continuous progress. Besides production machines, the company is also equipped with painting cabins which are needed for the powder coating of company’s own products. The customer base of V-CASTING Ltd. is companies operating in the field of the car industry and shading technology. The main target of the export activity is Germany but the company had purchase orders from Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish and Spanish markets.

Due to the growth of orders and the satisfaction of the customers, there is a continuous increase in sales income and the number of employees since the company’s establishment. Sales income was 261 million Forints in 2013, 500 million Forints in 2014, more than 1,2 billion Forints in 2015 and more than 2 billion Forints in 2016. A relevant percentage of the income comes from export sales. In parallel, the number of employees continuously grows. The company had 18 employees in 2014, 37 in 2015 and 66 in 2016.

Between 2010 and 2015, V-CASTING Ltd. has made several internally-developed products/prototypes, which until that time were not present on the market. This was the unique shutter box end product family with its supplementary elements. Taking these products onto market is in continuous progress. Their self-developed prototypes became very successful, thus the series production has started. A significant amount of sales income came from the selling of these products. Within the framework of greenfield investment, the construction of a manufacturing plan took place, which is (based on the decision of the owners) is continuously developed with the reinvestment of the profit. The company sells self-developed shading technology products (shutter box end) on the Hungarian market. There are only a few companies are involved in the production shutter box endings. The biggest advantage compared to other companies is that the whole process (design/production/powder-coating) is carried out without contractors, from own capacity.

The primary target group for V-CASTING Ltd. on the field of shading technology are companies dealing with the production, selling and installation of shutters and other shading technology products, whose demands can be fulfilled on short term due to our constant stock. Further market breakthrough can be achieved only by developing production technology, by which time requirement decrease and quality improves, besides a significantly cheaper production cost becomes available. This is an indispensable requirement of successful expansion on the market. With new technology, productivity can be increased and the number of warranty repair tasks can be decreased.

Considering the fact that construction and industry, including the installation of aluminium shading technology products is a constantly expanding industry since 2012, significant further market demand can be expected. The company has created its current technical background in the last 2-4 years, therefore it has modern production installation. Production installations are developed with further investments. The company is prepared for the production for its own casting equipment, so for this purpose a cutlery manufacturing area was constructed. With the help of a successful tender, the company has accomplished a capacity-building investment, which was the purchase of a 5-axis CNC machining centre. The main goal of the investment was to improve the efficiency of the aluminium pressure casting, increase competitiveness, reach higher quality and satisfy all customer needs. If required, products made with pressure casting technique will be furtherly worked with the CNC machining centre, thus the value added and net income can be raised.

Production, repair and maintenance of casting and (metal) cutting devices are in close connection with casting activity. Until now our corporation partly carried out this activity with outsourcing it to other companies, which meant a significant amount of extra cost. Besides, dependency on the service provider influenced the company’s competitiveness.

With the help of a successful tender, the company made a capacity building investment on its site in Ecser, which was the purchase of a 5-axis CNC machining centre. The main goal of the investment was to improve the efficiency of the aluminium pressure casting, increase competitiveness, reach higher quality and satisfy all customer needs. Further aim of the investment was to terminate dependency and to place the maintenance process into the company’s own scope of activities.

By obtaining assets, the company now insources the production, repair and maintenance of casting and cutting tools. As a result, competitiveness increased and terminating the dependency on other companies succeeded. Assets purchased during the project represents high quality technology and it corresponds to the strict safety standards of the European Union.

The company has achieved the goal of site development and capacity increasing. As a result, the construction of a new production hall on the Ecser site will take place in 2018. On the site of Jászfényszaru 2 casting cells, 1 CNC machining centre and 1 CT X-ray apparatus will be put into order during 2018.

We regularly take part in trade shows and fairs organized in Germany as exhibitors.